On giving thanks – 11.5

On November 5, 2011, I am SO thankful that Notre Dame won that football game.


Even more so, I’m thankful that my husband (a Wake Forest ’07 alum) and I (a Notre Dame ’07 alum) got to be in the Dash, watching our teams play each other for the first time ever, together, and with a dear dear friend who makes my heart bigger every time I see her.

Yes, 11/5 was a thankful day.




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One response to “On giving thanks – 11.5”

  1. Jim Garrett says :

    On 11.5 I am thankful that i was NOT at the WVU game………..which we lost!

    I am thankful that next year WVU will be in the Big XII !! …where we can at least lose to GOOD teams !! (and maybe win a few)

    And I am thankful all my firewood is stored and burns readily as it has turned “well-diggers-butt-cold” in Idaho!!

    But, I am most thankful that some “younguns” will be visiting in two weeks.

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