Hi. I’m Jenna Garrett.

I’m 27.

I’m a public health student at UNC-Chapel Hill, a subject and a place I have come to love passionately.

I went to Notre Dame, which I’m proud to say taught me more about character and being/doing good than psychology (my major) or even college football (my other major.)

I’m from Montana by way of Idaho. Yee higgity haw.

I have a dog named Bojangles even though I really hate that restaurant.

I’m married.

I have a writing compulsion. I write to process and preserve. For years I’ve been “writing” things in my head while I run, while I sit on public transportation, and while I wait in line. I started this blog so that the things I’ve been writing in my head aren’t lost….in case I want to find them again.

I think that love is what matters. It is what motivates, inspires, and makes life worthwhile. At the end of the day, amor es todo – love is everything. I’m still figuring out what this blog is all about – but if its about anything, its about that.

Love is Everything – Amor es Todo


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