On my list – part 2.

A while back, I wrote about “my list” – a list of places I wanted to go, adventures I wanted to have, goals I wanted to achieve, and things I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime.

Since then, my husband and I have taken to discussing this nearly every time we open a bottle of wine together (so much so that we’ve started calling it “the wine list”). It is fun to share our individual dreams with each other (he, after all, will be my companion and encouragement as I chase mine, and vice-versa) and to come up with new ones together. Already, there are items I’ve been able to add that I never would have thought of, and items I’ve been able to check off that would have never been possible, without his influence.

As we near the completion of our third decade of life, we’ve honed our respective lists – and since a lifetime is a long time, we’ve settled on 30 items to complete by our 30th birthdays. So this January, instead of settling on resolutions for the New Year, I’m looking at my wine list and deciding what to check off next.

Jenna’s Wine List – 30 Before 30 (Deadline: August 16, 2014):

  1. Go skydiving *Completed*
  2. Complete a marathon *Completed*
  3. Become fluent in Spanish *Completed*
  4. Live in a Spanish-speaking location for at least a year *Completed*
  5. Go snorkeling *Completed*
  6. Learn to SCUBA dive *Completed*
  7. Shoot a buck (or other big game) and prepare a meal with it *Completed*
  8. Catch a trout on a fly rod *Completed*
  9. Hike in Alaska *Completed*
  10. Own a dog *Completed*
  11. Go to South America *Completed*
  12. Get an advanced degree *Completed*
  13. Learn to ski *Completed*
  14. Go lobster diving & eat the tail for dinner *Completed*
  15. Obtain a full-time job in global health *Completed*
  16. Attend Miami pro sporting events: Marlins (baseball), Dolphins (football), and Heat (basketball) games
  17. Attend the Calle 8 Festival in Miami
  18. Go sailing (to count, must spend the night on the sailboat!)
  19. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  20. “Read the world” – complete a book by an author from or about every country in the world
  21. Learn to play guitar
  22. Complete a triathlon
  23. Publish an academic article in a peer-reviewed journal *Completed – in press for February 2013*
  24. Swim with manatees
  25. Home brew our own beer
  26. Return to Glacier National Park
  27. Explore the Everglades National Park via airboat and/or kayak
  28. Ski in Patagonia (during North America’s summer!)
  29. Sip a Malbec in Argentinian wine country
  30. Watch Notre Dame play in the National Championship *This just got bumped up from the long term list! To be completed: Miami FL January 2013*

Jenna’s Wine List – Longer term:

  • Summit a serious mountain
  • Complete the “camino francés” of the Camino de Santiago
  • Visit all 50 states (left: VT, AR, MS, AL, OK, NM, HI)
  • Road trip from coast to coast
  • Learn a third language
  • Visit Greece
  • Become a mother
  • Earn a Doctoral degree (?)
  • Qualify for the Boston marathon
  • Work in sub-Saharan Africa (not necessarily long-term)
  • Own a chicken coop (and chickens!)
  • Visit Scandanavia
  • Visit southeast Asia
  • Live in the Pacific Northwest
  • Attend all four BCS bowl games (completed: Orange & Sugar, left: Fiesta & Rose)
  • Buy and renovate an old house

Note – the new “Wine List” tab at the top is where this list will permanently live – and be updated over time. In the mean time, tell me – what’s missing? what’s on your list?


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2 responses to “On my list – part 2.”

  1. Jerrie says :

    Great list and ambitious too. How about visit my Aunt (Godmother) Jerrie :). Not necessarily on your list but hopefully you can sneak it in some place! Love you!

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