On fate (or is it…faith?)

Let me start out by saying…I don’t believe in fate. I never have.

A year ago, when I realized I would be leaving everything I knew and moving to a strange city, I lacked the sense of adventure I usually feel before trying something new. I will admit it: dropping everything to chase after someone else’s dream – without a sense of purpose of my own – does not come naturally to me.

But I did it – with the help of my partner who lent me his unyielding optimism, and my friends who promised to visit, and colleagues who advocated for me among their networks. Last month, as we made the 13-hour drive to south Florida, not knowing what awaited us there, I found a tremendous sense of peace. Things were going to work out.

And I was right. Less than a week into my life as a Florida resident, I received a much anticipated phone call, and the voice on the other end of the line offered me my dream job.

So come August, around the time Nick starts his second year of medical school, I will start my first career job at an international women’s health organization, whose Latin America office happens to be right here in Miami. While he immerses himself in the systems of the body and prepares for boards, I will be on the front lines of women’s health and rights in a region of the world where women are dying needlessly in childbirth, of preventable cancers, of domestic violence, and suffering unspeakable injustices. The privilege of getting to do something about that is not something I take lightly – in fact, it scares me to death – but I am honored, humbled, and excited to roll up my sleeves.

In the meantime, we have a few trips to make, weddings to attend, and a new home to make our own….just this week, we signed a lease on a charming, 1920’s apartment in Miami Beach, just a stone’s throw from the Atlantic ocean.

Things have worked out so beautifully that people keep saying “well, it sounds like it was just meant to be!” I don’t believe that. It wasn’t meant to be…we made it be. We worked really hard. We waited. And when there was no more for us to do, we had faith. Yes, this is a story about faith, not fate. And now here we are – blessed beyond belief, and now, we get to live this part of our dream…just 0.2 miles away from the beach! We’re going to embrace this time of living in a unique place we never would have picked on our own, and see what Miami has to teach us.


A celebratory toast on the beach.


So come visit us!


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2 responses to “On fate (or is it…faith?)”

  1. Jeannie says :

    Jenna, you amaze me. Your faith, optimism and positive outlook serve you well. I am so very proud of you as I know this move was a big one for you. So happy for you and Nick. Love you both beyond “googles”! Mom

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