On giving thanks – 11.26

On November 26, 2011, I am thankful for the earth’s bounty.

I was raised by a vegetarian (my mother) and a hunter (my father), and the competing discourse about food around our family table made me keenly aware of what I was eating from a very young age. As a little girl, I could equally hold my own with children of hippies and rednecks (and plenty of both lived in my town.) I ate organic kale salads and could identify preservatives on nutrition labels, but I also knew how to field dress a pheasant and preferred my elk steaks medium rare. My family’s freezer was always stocked with big game brought home by my father every fall. Deep down, I always wanted to, just once, see what it was like to be the holder of the gun – to be the provider of the meal and the hero of the hunting story. I wanted to participate in the circle of life, to feel my relationship to the land, to participate in the rite of passage like so many children of the West before me.

Today, I did.

My blog isn’t an omnivore’s soapbox, nor is it a place for hunting tales – the place for that is in front of the fireplace after coming in out of the cold, glowing from the hunt. Besides, unless you’ve felt the adrenaline make your heart pound in your ears, seen antlers looming above the crosshairs, and held your breath until the firearms kick back against your shoulder – you wouldn’t understand, anyhow.

So I’ll leave it at this – I’ve never been more thankful for the gift of a meal.


What are you thankful for?


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