On giving thanks – 11.24

On November 24, 2011, I am thankful.

Something that I’ve learned this month is that there is a difference, however subtle, between being thankful for something, and simply being thankful.

It is not too difficult to conjure feelings of gratefulness in response to something external. It is a matter of stimulus-response. But I think it is somewhat harder, or at least less natural, to internally adopt an attitude of gratefulness in everyday life.

I think it is something akin to how optimists see their world through rose-colored glasses. Being a thankful person requires reframing the way we see the world as it happens around us – it requires us to see our lives as full of blessings. Based on my experience this last few weeks, I think this attitude can be developed. At first, it takes practicing intentional gratefulness – something I’ve attempted this month through my blog .

I have a long way to go, but I’m learning. Today is Thanksgiving – the holy grail of days for giving thanks. Today, I’m not thankful for anything in particular.

Today, I am just thankful. And I like how it feels.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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