On giving thanks – 11.21

On November 21, 2011, I am thankful for the generosity of those around me.

Maybe its because I’m going home tomorrow, and that makes me feel particularly warm and fuzzy. Maybe its because the intentional gratefulness of this “30 days of thanks” exercise is seeping in. Either way, I am feeling humbled by the people who treated me with such kindness and generosity today:

  • The cheerful cashier at Caribu Coffee who complimented my hair (which hasn’t been cut in 4 months)
  • The equally cheerful barista who gave me an extra shot of espresso because “I looked like I needed it” (it was true – I did!)
  • The flood of email offers I received after sending out a request for a ride to the airport tomorrow
  • The middle of the night, unsolicited text from a friend offering (no, requesting) to puppy sit while I’m out of town – and chastising me for not asking in the first place
  • The friend who stayed late to clean the dishes after this week’s screening of the show Dexter, which I host at my house every week.

I often forget how impactful such small, yet significant gestures of helpfulness can be, particularly during a hectic, busy, and stressful week. And so today, I’m not just thankful for the generosity of others, but also for the reminder to make more of an effort to display this kind of generosity myself.

What are you thankful for?


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