On giving thanks – 11.11

On November 11, 2011, I am thankful for our veterans.

Most of us will never know what it means to literally put our lives on the line for something we believe in. I think that people who do so on a daily basis deserve our respect, regardless of our own personal feelings about war, the military, and foreign policy. Today is supposed to be a day to honor veterans, and today, I give them my gratitude.

There are a couple of war veterans in particular that I am thankful for. They taught me a whole lot about doing whatever is necessary to fight for for what you feel is right and for that which you consider worth protecting. For them, in World War II, it was their country – and later, when I got to meet them, it was their families.

I’ll never be a veteran, but my grandfathers both were, and I am thankful for their example. I hope I can exhibit the honor they did, and I hope I have the capacity to love something as dearly as they loved their country. I’m thankful to have such an example of honor, duty, and resilience in my own life.

Left: Robert Farmer, Marine Corps; Right: Paul Angstman: WWII US Army (aren't they handsome?)


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