On giving thanks – 11.9

On November 9, 2011, I am thankful for my fabulous fall break trip to NYC.

Fall break is UNC’s gift to the weary student. This year, I used it to make a trek up to the Big Apple (do they still call it that?) to visit a very dear college friend and a very dear younger sister.

What did I do while I was there? I thought you’d never ask. I packed a lot into 5 days, but here is a non-comprehensive snapshot of a few of the stops along the way:

I haunted my friend’s neighborhood coffee shops in my skinny jeans and wrote. I almost felt like a hipster.


I strolled and admired autumn in Union Square.

I wandered around the Chelsea Market.

I strolled the High Line, a park that was once an elevated train track that has been revitalized and converted into a park along Manhattan’s West Side.


I visited my first-ever speakeasy, Bathtub Gin (links to an NYT review.) No photo of this because it was so super secret. I had the dapper bartender whip me up his best whiskey drink.

I strolled (yet again) around Central Park West with a former Nourish International colleague and reminisced over my first 26.2 at the New York Marathon finish line.

I consumed a stein of delicious German hefeweizen and a pretzel roll bratwurst at a Brooklyn Biergarten.

I watched a terribly depressing football game at the initially rowdy, then ultimately subdued NYC ND game watch. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Moving on.

I danced my face of with two of my favorite gals at an establishment in the East Village that played 80’s and 90’s music exclusively. The hilarious action shots are all on my counterpart’s camera, but the following shot was taking during a pause between the late 90’s boy band and the mid-80’s hair band sets. Side note – it is super fun re-getting to know my baby sister as grown-ups. Y’all – she is super fun!

I ate The Best Pie In The World at Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn. Nope, not hyperbole. I’m not even all that into pie. But folks, the salted caramel apple pie at this place was life-changing. Its a favorite of Bobby Flay’s, and now a favorite of mine. Who knew Bob and I had so much in common? I digress, got distracted thinking about the pie. Go there and eat it.

Though I’m a country mouse, I’m always thankful for some quality city time, and the trip this fall was no exception. Despite the gluttony hangover and lack of sleep upon return, I came back to NC rejuvenated and in a totally different frame of mind than when I left. More than anything though, I’m thankful for a friend with whom I can both belly laugh and get right to the heart of the matter, even after years apart – it is good for my soul.

Thanks, NYC.


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