On giving thanks – 11.1

I love Thanksgiving.

Yes, it is absolutely because it is a holiday that is entirely centered around food. Delicious food. Food that is hearty, home-cooked, and that usually involves pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, stuffing, nutmeg, and other fall foods that literally have me drooling on my keyboard as I type. Between that, football, hunting season, and the fact that even the earth-toned color scheme of Thanksgiving jives with my personal aesthetic…Thanksgiving is a holiday that I can get behind.

But beyond the superficial, I think what I really appreciate about Thanksgiving is the reminder to be, well, thankful. I’ve always loved the tradition of sharing what one is thankful for while tucking in to the feast. But while it is nice to have this holiday dedicated to thankfulness, I also think thanks-giving is an attitude – perhaps a virtue – that I would like to be more mindful of embodying throughout the year.

In that vein, I’m giving a month to thanks-giving this year instead of a day. I’m going to post something I’m thankful for each day in November, and hopefully, this will kickstart a mindset that will last through December and beyond. So without further ado…

On November 1, 2011, I am thankful for leaves.

Fall leaves, specifically. The red ones that still cling to the branches, the yellow ones that flutter, the brown ones that crunch under my feet. I have a serious love affair with the ridiculous things that the trees (and the leaves) do in these parts in the fall…so today, I am thankful for that.



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