On my list – part 1.

When I was in college, I made a list of things I wanted to do before I died. Some items were personal goals, others were adventures I wanted to have, and many were simply places I wanted to go. It wasn’t comprehensive – it was just a smattering of things that came out of day dreams and conversations with friends, and eventually got scratched on the back of a napkin one night (probably after $2 pitcher Tuesdays at Corby’s.) Still, it captured a time in my life when I was itching for adventure and figuring out who I was and what was important to me.

I stumbled on my list recently and was really happy to see how many I could check off after just 5 years:

Jenna’s List:

-Complete the Camino de Santiago

√ Run a marathon

Completed: NYC 11/1/2009.

√ Become fluent in Spanish

Meh. Fluent is as fluent does. I’m counting it.

√ Live in a Spanish-speaking country for at least a year

Completed: Puerto Rico 2007-2008. Not really another country. Still counting it.

√ Go snorkeling

Completed: Rincon, PR, 9/2007.

√ Go SCUBA diving

Completed: PADI certified in 2/2008.

-Visit all 50 states – Not done but making progress – only 8 to go! (AL, AR, HI, KS, MS, NM, OK, VT)

√ Go hiking in Alaska

Completed: Hatcher Pass, AK 6/21/2011.

-Shoot a deer or other big game and prepare a meal with it (Please believe me when I say that where I’m from, its less weird to say this.)

-Do service in Africa

√ Own a dog

Completed 8/25/2009. Gotta, wanna, need-a, get-a, have-a Bojangles.

-Go to South America – climb mountains in Chile, see ruins in Peru, go to the amazon in Brazil, ride horses and eat steak in Argentina…etc.

-Summit a serious mountain

-Go to Greece

-Road trip coast to coast

-Go backpacking in Glacier National Park

-Learn a third language

-Get an advanced degree (Hopefully this will get checked off in 5/2012…)

Although its fun to reflect on the things that have been checked off the list, its even better think about the checkmarks that I’ve made on items that never got written down because I didn’t even know that I wanted them 5 years ago. Life has brought some surprises that literally surpassed what not too long ago were my wildest dreams. I’m also struck by how much I’ve grown up…and how much more imagination I have in my late 20’s (yikes) than I did in my early 20’s – it was a great list, but I think I could write one now that is way, way better.

To that end, I think its about time this list got updated.

So – what should I add? What’s on your list?


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4 responses to “On my list – part 1.”

  1. bridgetpitman says :

    can we do glacier together?!? NEXT summer. we can even summit a serious mountain there. AND learn pig latin. three birds with one stone. OOHHH…if we kill a bird in Montana does that count as your big game?! we can even eat it! OOH!

    You’re welcome. I just took care of like 5 of your list items.

    • jennagarrett says :

      Girlfriend, nothing could possibly sound better. Lets do it.

      However I will point out one thing…you can’t really call yourself a purebred Montanan if you think that a bird counts as big game. And summer is not hunting season. You still have so much to learn 😉

  2. Thomas Angstman says :

    Ski at least one day for each year of life, every year I remain living!

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