On saying yes.

365 days ago, I awoke.

By some magic, my head didn’t pound from too much revelry the night before.

Reveling the night before with my sophomore year roommates.

And all that rang in my ears were the words of e. e. cummings, which captured how I felt upon awaking to my green fields and my blue cloudless sky and my impending marriage:

i thank You God for most this amazing day:
for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

It was a day for saying yes.

Yes to the brilliant sun shooting diamonds through a white dress.

My Spanish wedding gown by Aire Barcelona.

Yes to helping hands.

The wedding was home grown. This is a mere snippet of the hands that helped.

Yes to old, new, borrowed, and blue.

Old well-loved and worn Montana boots that once belonged to my godmother. New handmade feather hairpiece. Borrowed diamond ring that for years graced my grandmother's hand. Blue heirloom handkerchief from great-grandma Farmer.

Yes to making it against all odds.

Sharing a moment with my sweet grandmother Giggi before the ceremony.

Yes to bearing rings, dropping petals, and riding wagons.

Nick's cousins tag-teamed ring bearing and flower petal dropping - only saying "yes" after some bribery to stay in the wagon all the way down the aisle.

Yes to waiting all day to behold.

Waiting as she comes.

Yes to the longest walk of my life.

Walking down the aisle to Jonathan Cain's Bridal March, played by my big brother.

Yes to the “do you take” and the “do you promise” and the “will you love”?

I do.

Yes to “you may now kiss.”

One of these kisses was sloppier than the others.

Yes to piling in.

The getaway vehicle - a 1960's Chevy grain truck, complete with balloons and elk calls.

Yes to standing on a log pile in 3-inch heels.

Some handsome groomsmen and nimble bridesmaids.

Yes to the women who make me giggle, make me able, make me hope, make me me.

The one in my head. The one up the street. The one 3 years later. The one down the hall. The one in my comfort zone. The one singing in the backseat.

Yes to the men who make him laugh, make him fish, make him wild, make him strong.

The pilots, the professor, the doctors, the fishermen, the world travelers, the brothers.

Yes to doubling the family all in one day.

The Garretts. The Farmers. My families.

Yes to glamor shots on a Chevy pick’em-up truck.


Yes to a month of rain that painted the Palouse a brilliant green.

The Garrett home on Moscow Mountain - all set up for the wedding.

Yes to hand-hewn details.

The product of blood, sweat, and tears.

Yes to following the sign to the left.

Both directions lead to the same place. But you can guess which arrow most people followed.

Yes to a grand entrance on a grand staircase to a grand scene.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Garrett.

Yes to honoring our day of choosing love.

Passing out champagne, well wishes, and "hear hear's."

Yes to honoring 62 years of choosing love.

Nick's Grandma Dyne and Papa Don - a marriage to aspire to.

Yes to the first dance, and yes to looking on with misty eyes.

God blessed the broken road.

Yes to vanilla cake with huckleberry filling (which, by the way, tasted just as good 363 days later.)

A fat kid's dream. Being fed cake while everyone else looks on.

Yes to boys being boys and knocking over tables (and each other!) to catch elastic and lace.

The best man caught it.

Yes to a lucky game of horseshoes.

Horseshoe pit crafted by my father-in-law.

Yes to take me home, yes to country roads, and yes to mountain mamas.

No family gathering is complete without a rousing rendition of John Denver "country roads" with the West Virginia side of the family.

Yes to gallons of sangria and local brews and bottles – contributing to continued revelry.

Homemade sangria.

Yes to busting some moves, making it rain, doing the worm, dancing a jig, breaking it down, and falling in to a choreographed Bollywood scene.

Nobody had fun. Nobody at all.

Yes to twilight and not wanting it to end.

The glow of the tents as the sun went down.

365 days ago, I awoke and I said yes.

Today we’re waking up a world away and saying yes to something else.

Yes to Honduras – to adventure, to dirty fingernails, to rusty Spanish, to mosquito bites, to the frustrations and joys of professional challenges and travel.

Yes to Alaska – world class trout streams, to grizzly bears on the rocks, to “fish on!” and tangled lines and fingers calloused from days of fly casting.

Today we awake on the far ends of the North American continent – he to the north and I to the south. We awake, again, saying yes.

Yes to supporting each other’s passions and encouraging adventure.


Yes to coming home again.

Happy anniversary to the one who has my yes.


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4 responses to “On saying yes.”

  1. Megan Marshall says :

    Q Bella Jenna! You got me so pumped to being saying “yes” in 27 days! Yippee!! You are my inspiration! Love you guys!

    • jennagarrett says :

      Gracias nena!!! I can’t tell you how sad I am to be missing your big day in just a few short weeks. Soak in every moment through your pores – it goes by so fast. Te quiero y buena suerte!

  2. ellabee says :

    Beautiful! I love the poem and details–what a great compilation of a beautiful day.

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