On wendys.

For the first time since arriving in Honduras, my iPhone has detected a wireless signal. So here I sit, typing with my thumbs, in a Wendy’s (of all places.) I’m observing globalization at it’s finest- anime is playing on the corner TV, Will Smith is blasting on the overhead speakers (followed by Daddy Yankee, then Def Leppard.) We just got done meeting with a campesina who had traveled over three hours to meet us here in Choluteca, a small city sitting on an agricultural plain, to discuss the challenges she faces as the health promoter of her small mountain village. The clash of cultures and the contrast of urban and rural Honduras leave us all a little dazed, yet refreshed from our deliciously cold frostees (a welcome treat in the heat of dry season.) my own journey to Cholu from the village where I have been staying was a harrowing one in an old school bus over dusty roads, and a part of me wishes I was back in a hammock in El Corpus instead of on this vinyl bench.

I will process what I have seen and learned over the next couple of days as we relax in a small town outside Tegucigalpa. Before leaving the respite of Wendy’s air conditioning, I leave you with a photo of the Southern Honduras countryside. I took it many miles and tortillas ago, just after sunrise, with children, chickens, and a pig at my feet. I can’t wait to share the rest.


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One response to “On wendys.”

  1. Jerrie says :

    Loved getting your info, can’t wait for your next post. Be safe and enjoy!! Love you, Aunt Jerrie

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